General Business Systems (GBS): Since 1978 our company has customized Accounting Systems such as GBS, Great Plains, MAS-200, and QuickBooks Enterprise. With extensive knowledge in Accounting, our programmers are well versed in understanding your needs. We have a list of programs pre-written that help in your business. Here is a list of industries we have customized solutions for:

Food and Health Products Master Distributors: This industry is very specific on tracking of lot numbers of received and sold items. Various pricing levels are necessary, and in some cases contract prices (as in food for schools) are determined annually. Customers need to know in the event of a recall where their products were sourced, so lot numbers are essential. Sales Analysis, easy lookup of past orders, and special pricing with lot numbers is the key to success.

Metal Fabricating Companies: Many businesses selling steel or metal today work on a “heat number”. This means tracking must be made for items received. Further, special processing may be needed such as polishing, coatings, or cutting of material. One part which is cut quickly becomes a new part number. Many of the sales orders are sold on price, and understanding what the customer paid for items in the past becomes essential for monitoring profits.

Electrical or Plumbing Supply Houses: The fast pace of these business dictates fast service while parts can be easily found for components. Special Pricing, customer credit terms, and a family atmosphere make these companies special. Most of the emphasis is on the “front counter”, where a web based interface, or use of CRM make lookups very easy. The wide variety of items, and valued customer information, means lookups must be fast.

Sand and Gravel, Ticket Processing Companies: The problem is how to get individual tickets to show up on one invoice at the end of the day or week. Signatures are retrieved for each shipment, and then combined. Sales Analysis is critical, and unit of measure in tons, pounds, or each are needed. Most Ticket Scale houses are located remotely, so communications with a main server is essential for proper operations.

Point of Sale Business: By using the features of QuickBooks Point of Sale, we have implemented for many types of business, from those selling olive oil, vinegar, plumbing supply parts, auto parts, clothing, and much more. The key to Point of Sale is good inventory management, and success in tracking the credit card and cash sales. Some POS companies need to track “Accounts Receivable” which we can process. Bar Coding, labeling, and numbering inventory is essential for efficient operations.

Job Shop Companies: Orders received are generally blanket orders, or built to order operations. Blanket orders are entered for the same item, but shipped over several months, at a price indicative of the total quantity ordered. Scheduled Shipment Reports, Late Shipment Reports, Sales Analysis by quarter by item, Items parts are specific to customers. Pricing is performed through estimates, and purchasing raw materials is based upon forecasting, and receiving a signed order from customer. Vendor Part Aggregate reports are helpful to combine similar raw materials into one bigger and better costing structure when ordering. Tracking labor and parts used for costing is helpful.

Auto Parts Distributors: Inventory pricing, and stock status are helpful for receiving rebates from vendors, and providing specific pricing to customers. Core charges need to be tracked as some items are specially priced based upon return of the damaged parts. In some cases, repair services are offered, and tracking labor and parts used on these repairs is helpful. A Point of Sale add-on becomes important for companies using credit card for walk-ins.

Subscription Based Businesses: When re-occurring charges need to be invoiced periodically for a large volume of customers, a special database and program is needed. Alarm companies, extinguisher companies, GPS leasing, health monitoring services, and many others use this service. Being able to print volumes of monthly statements, receiving many payments from each customer, make the processing difficult without automations. Being able to handle stopped payments means identifying those customers to stop their subscription.

Customized Broker Solutions that Import into QuickBooks: Sometimes the best solutions are simply customized. Such as companies that are brokers, buy a whole lot at a time for one price, and sell the whole lot at another price. Confirmations and acknowledgements to vendors and customers become essential. Printing companies also have special pricing where order entry must be done outside of QuickBooks just to track all the special pricing and quantities.

Add-On Tools
Our add-on tools primarily solve the problems associated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). By showing our clients the buying trends of their customers and matching that information with inventory purchases, they can better understand and assist consumers. Many of our clients sell large ticket items, as well as the parts to maintain the equipment, and this requires that they not only track serial numbers for warranty repairs, but also provide a web-store interface for these parts.

If our client knows what items their customers bought years earlier, it becomes much easier to assist them in finding the necessary parts. In addition, many companies are now asking for various sales analysis data for the purposes of creating sales forecasts, which we can also provide.

With its affordable price, configuration for different industries and ease of use, what better accounting investment can your business make than using Quickbooks? With Quickbooks Enterprise, SQL Servers are used for fast access of data and expansion of information that spans years.

By purchasing QuickBooks from us, you’ll receive access to experts who can help you find add-ons or develop solutions for your company.