Quickbooks has many capabilities built in, but sometimes the built-in customization is not enough to make your business productive. Our company receives calls nationwide for requests on items like:

  •  Commission Report by Profit: By adding a custom field called “Unit Cost” we can store for history the actual cost on each form for customers, and then use that to create a report comparing sell price with unit cost, determine profit and print for salesperson, customers, or items.
  •  Move Invoice Line Items: When importing the time within QuickBooks as a billable charge, you cannot determine the order of the line items. Our program opens the invoice outside of QuickBooks to change line item order.
  •  Special Pricing Invoicing: Within QuickBooks there are price levels, with a maximum of 100 pricing levels. A way to store more pricing levels outside of QuickBooks is needed. Our system copies the pricing from QuickBooks, creates a permanent file outside of QuickBooks to expand the pricing level beyond 100, and the user from a browser can enter estimates, sales orders, or invoices that will save into QuickBooks, but use the special pricing from the new file.
  • Pricing Level Update: QuickBooks has a price level system that can only store one selling price. Many of the pricing updates are received months ahead so the supplier can prepare their pricing sheets. In some cases, these prices are received on a CD or downloaded. Our system copies the price levels from QuickBooks, allows the user to casually make their price changes with an effective date, and then update into QuickBooks at the later date.
  • Shopping Cart QuickBooks Sync: Web based shopping carts need to import their data into QuickBooks. New customers may need to be created, invoices are needed for AR customers, and cash customers utilize sales receipt. The web programmer simply writes their data into our SQL file, and the user hits the “update” button and those orders are saved into QuickBooks.
  •  Fishbowl Inventory Add-ons: Customers using the add-on Inventory Tool Fishbowl Inventory will find that importing orders from shopping carts, and reviewing sales orders over the web rely on additional add-ons. Fishbowl makes a software kit available to developers like us to do these tasks. We are experts in how Fishbowl works, and created many add-ons for Big Commerce, Zen, and many other shopping carts. We also created ways for you to view open orders, or inventory on web browser pages for remote access.

By using Intuit’s Software Development kit, combined with our pre-written templates, we can quickly produce custom solutions. We also can display the Quickbooks data over the web, as well as store Quickbooks data remotely.

Producing these enhancements is nothing new to our company. We were established to provide custom solutions, and have continually worked with customers to meet their needs while keeping their companies’ unique attributes intact.

Call us today to discuss your company’s situation. We will help you find the right add-on solution for you, or suggest a custom solution based on your unique needs.

Business Center

This program allows users to store the unit cost in the sales receipts, invoices, and credit memos. The program allows for an update, that searches through PO’s issued on similar dates as the invoices, And then matches the item part number, and customer name, with a cost found for that item. The program then writes back to QuickBooks this information, so users can see the values on their forms.